Food Which Is Damaging Bone

Two Important Factor for Healthy Bones – Calcium & Vitamin D

  • Calcium – strengthen the Bones
  • Vitamin D – helps to absorb the Calcium for your Body


Avoid eating sugar-containing foods. Because it contains phosphorus which reduces the calcium absorbing potential of our body. Am saying not to avoid sugar. Instead, try to reduce sugar intake.

Carbonated Drinks & Soda

It contains phosphoric acid. Which reduce the calcium absorption & also weaken the Stomach and Intestine

High Sodium Foods

High Sodium & Processed food that contains more Sodium than our body needs. Excess of anything will be a danger. So avoid excess intake of sodium.


If you intake more alcohol than the recommended doses then it reduces the bone healing capacity and changes the bone structure.

Not only the food. Some of the habits also affect bone health

Avoid the tobacco because it kills the bone-building cells

Lack of Sleep, Poor Posture, Poor Diet and Lack of Sun Exposure also leads to affect the bone health